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Black Lace


DRESS: Forever 21-Old similar here and here // JACKET: Vintage similar here and here // BELT: Vintage similar here and here // SLIP: Similar here  and here // LIPSTICK: MAC in ‘Party Line’

There’s just something about black lace that just gets me every single time. When I bought this dress a few years ago I was super skeptical because it is see-through all over with nothing built under neath. I decided to take the risk anyway and found that a simple high waisted tight black slip and a lace black bra underneath pair quite nicely. I pulled it all together at the waist with this Vintage belt my mum gave me when I was younger. {There are many similar handmade one’s on Etsy as well} I originally had a great pair of heels to go with this look but the elements of this shoot just didn’t allow for them. It’s somewhat difficult to go rock climbing in 5 inch heels after all! So I decided to roam around barefoot as I usually do anyhow. This Southern California winter has me very confused. It’s been up in the 90’s recently making it very difficult for this girl to wear any of her coats or jackets! It’s a bummer too because I have so many good one’s I wanted to share this winter. I guess I’ll just have to travel somewhere frostier or wait for our November trip to New York. This is one of my favorites because there’s so many options for pairing! {One of my favorites is with a great pair of black skinnies!} I scored this piece at Buffalo Exchange in Fullerton for only $20. Definitely one of my favorite stores to find unique pieces. Sometimes when I’m styling my hair I have no idea what I’m going to  do, or I do, but then go a completely different direction. That’s what happened here. I started out with a traditional rope braid but I wasn’t feeling it so I did one on the other side as well and then just criss crossed them for this half up half down style. The messy-ness of it seem to work and play off of my roots which are very late for their salon update.

Location: Orange, California

Ciao Bella's
Xx B.

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