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SWEATER: Papaya // SKIRT: Elle // JELLIES: SO // LIPSTICK: Mac in “Party Line” // NAILS: OPI’s “Amore at the Grand Canal”

The moment we arrived in Venice I couldn’t ignore this overwhelming feeling of how sad it will be that in two days we’d be leaving. Walking along the Grand Canal and being completely surrounded by water was so peaceful. I especially loved all the cobblestone streets filled with Cafe’s, Pizzeria’s, and Gelateria’s on every single corner. We were only here for two days and everyone told us that would be plenty of time… but that is just not true. Venezia is so romantic and while on our Honeymoon was the perfect place to just be in love.

Day One of Venice: We purchased two tours from our Viator app. In the morning we visited Doge’s Palace, The Bridge of Sighs, The Rialto Market, St. Mark’s Square + St. Marks Basilica. It was rainy so luckily our tours were primarily inside. We had a 4 hour break in between and decided to have lunch and take a power nap back at our Airbnb. By the early evening after many espresso’s, we were amped and ready for the second leg of touring. We were definitely battling jet lag and a 9 hour time difference but were just so ecstatic to be abroad that nothing was stopping us from have the best time ever. We took a guided walking tour along the Grand Canal that showed us many hidden treasures that the city had to offer. It was supposed to include a Gondola ride at the end but it was so cold and rainy it ended up being having to be cancelled.

I chose this look because of its girly romantic charm. The giant heart knit sweater kept me warm and feeling pretty all day long. It would also pair nicely with leggings and boots. Not tucked in, its longer and extremely cozy. I even wore it through nightfall and just layered it with a Military jacket for added warmth. These jellies literally saved my life! I bought them right before we left to Italy and I wasn’t even going to pack them, but then for some reason I just did. Since it wasn’t very cold and just rainy, it allowed me to play in the puddles and not have to be all hot and bundled up in jeans and rain boots. The crowds in St. Marks were walking along the catwalks to keep dry, while I was prancing around in the middle of the square with no worries. The great thing about these is they can get wet and won’t be ruined and they’re cute.

We finished the evening with a lovely dinner at Santa Margherita Restaurant where we shared what was my favorite pizza of the trip and a bottle of Chianti. It was a very quaint and authentic spot and was an evening we will not forget. This was the first trip out of the U.S. for me and I am so grateful I was able to see this special place that we will definitely be traveling back to again. (Hopefully sooner, than later.)

Location: St. Marks Square // Venice, Italy

Ciao Bella's
Xx B.

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