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NuBoTanik Body Scrub in: Amour c/o

As we all know, Spring is almost here and then, Summer! This is fabulous news except for the fact that it will be all about sundresses, cutoffs, and bikinis. {Even better news right?!} These are some of my favorite things but transitioning from season to season calls for some prep work. I don’t know about ya’ll but these stems have been hidden for a few months and they need some major attention! But that’s nothing that some fabulous body scrub can’t fix! Exfoliating is absolutely crucial to a beauty regimen. Not only does it take off dead skin cells, but it helps your skin renew so healthy cells can flourish again. I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks and have noticed a huge difference in the radiance of my skin. {After any exfoliant be sure to  wear SPF when you go out in the sun so you don’t further damage your skin and so it stays smooth and vibrant even longer.} I don’t think I’ve really talked about it much on my blog, but 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus. Since then, I’ve have had some major skin issues. The medicine I am currently on is quite harsh to my skin and causes me to have constant breakouts on my back, shoulders, and face. Since I started using this Scrub I have noticed a huge difference and my trouble areas have seemed to clear up for the most part. Clear skin and a super glowy complexion… Yes, Please! Im stoked to see my results with continued use as well. I tried the scrub in the scent amour and can’t wait to try out their other delicious scents like coconut and pear ! If there’s any men reading, they have you covered as well with this Scrub especially for you in mountain view scent!

So I bet you’re sick and tired of hearing the mumbo jumbo from other companies about why their product is better than another. Frankly, I am too. Which is why I have tested this product for you and am here to say that it actually is as good as they say! I bet you’re wondering what makes this product unique from any other coffee scrubs. {Well, I’ll tell you…} In many Coffee Scrubs they use only the bean and discard the husk and pulp which contain very important beneficial compounds for your skin to thrive! NuBoTanik’s all natural Coffeeberry® Brand uses the whole fruit. What’s in this? Ingredients include: Brown Sugar, Coffeeberry® Brand whole coffee fruit, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, and Orange Oil.

This Scrub really is magic and I hope you try it out for yourself!  {There’s also free shipping throughout the U.S.!} Visit and your skin will thank me later.

Location: Orange, California

Ciao Bella's
Xx B.

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